Mission Statement

Through food relief and fundraising, Burnt Offerings BBQ is to be a conduit of hope to charities, churches, individuals, first responders, and communities affected by natural disasters.  With a servant’s heart we accomplish our mission by striving to bring compassion, hope, and lasting relationships to those calling on us. We will quickly mobilize teams that offer both hope and BBQ.


History of Burnt Offerings BBQ

  • A few years ago, a desire to open a non-profit BBQ company was placed in founders Steven and Libby Lang’s heart to help others in need. 

  • In 2018, the Lord provided the way to do so. During Hurricane Harvey in August of 2017, Steven and Libby wished they could provide a way to bring meals to those who were impacted by Harvey, but at that time, they were unable to.  In the early part of 2018, the Lord began opening doors, so Steven and Libby began making preparations to open a new non-profit company called Burnt Offerings BBQ.

  • The plan was to begin operations in the summer of 2018 after their summer vacation had taken place.  All the legal documents were in order as of Tuesday, May 15, 2018, that authorized Burnt Offerings BBQ to accept donations and operate as a legal non-profit company.

  • Then on May 18 the tragedy at Santa Fe High School happened. A shooter walked into the school and killed 10 people.  Santa Fe, Texas is where Steven and Libby call home and they knew they could not sit by and do nothing to help their community.

  • Steven quickly reached out to a pastor in Santa Fe who graciously opened his church to Burnt Offerings BBQ and a week after the tragedy, first responders from Santa Fe and the surrounding communities were served pulled pork, smoked chicken, sausage, beans, and potato salad. 

  • We have continued to cook and serve people and communities in need since that day.


We value faith, honesty, integrity, kindness, compassion, patience, perseverance, loyalty, commitment, and respect for all others.  Decisions and actions of Burnt Offerings BBQ will always be made and executed with these values in our hearts and minds. We want the communities we serve to be able to acknowledge that Burnt Offerings BBQ preserves these values while serving their needs.

Meet the Chief Executive Officer & Founders


Steven Lang

I am honored to be the  founder, President, and CEO of Burnt Offerings BBQ.  I have a passion to help assist people and organizations in need to help improve their circumstances. I believe we should walk with people and organizations to help carry their burdens and show love to them as our neighbors. My hope is that Burnt Offerings BBQ always looks at the interest and circumstances of others and be a shining light during their darker times. I am proud we are an organization who comes together to feed so that we have the opportunity to bless others.

Libby Lang

Along with being a co-founder and Vice President of Burnt Offerings BBQ, I am a wife, mother, and a social worker who loves traveling and spending time with my family.  Because of my belief in helping people and wanting to see good in every situation, I serve on the board of Burnt Offerings BBQ. My favorite things about Burnt Offerings BBQ are the relationships that are formed during a cook and knowing that something as simple as food being served with a smile can make a significant impact in the life of an individual. 

Meet the Chief Operations Officer

brandon mealer

Brandon Mealer

I am the proud father of two daughters, and have been married to my beautiful wife and best friend for over 26 years. I have been working in the corporate world now for over 25 years as a Senior Manager and have learned a tremendous amount about servant leadership . I joined Burnt Offerings BBQ after hearing the vision from CEO/Founder and friend Steven Lang and I have been a part of it since inception. The thing that I love most about being the Chief Operations Officer of  Burnt Offerings BBQ is the tremendous amount of joy and fullfillment it gives me to help those in need. I have always been involved in community outreach, but to be a part of the everyday decisions and how we can make more of an impact in our community and those affected by tragedy is truly an amazing blessing!